10824 10-Stunden Brennstoffeuchte-Stab


Der 10824 ist ein Kiefernstab, der mit dem CS505 Brennstofffeuchtesensor (nicht mehr im Programm) verwendet wird, um die Feuchte eines ähnlichen Zweiges am Waldboden zu bestimmen. Er wird aus USFS-Standard Gelbkiefernholz geschnitten.

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Technische Beschreibung

The 10824 10-hour Fuel Moisture Stick is used with the CS505 Fuel Moisture Sensor. The 10824 is constructed from the same carefully selected USFS-standard ponderosa dowel as the traditional weighing fuel-moisture rack. No artificial materials (e.g., epoxy sealant) are added to the dowel that would adversely influence the natural behavior characteristics of it.

To optimize probe-to-probe repeatability and to allow probe interchangeability without individual calibration, two additional sorts are performed on the dowels before they are selected to be used as a sensor. First, the dowels are sorted dry by density to improve accuracy in the dry range of 0 to 15%. Second, the dowels are sorted after a 50-minute soak by weight to reduce probe-to-probe time response variation and minimize variability in the wet range of 20 to 50%.

Replacement Schedule
You can easily replace the 10824 in the field by using a Phillips screwdriver and an adjustable wrench. Typical replacement schedule is every spring, but the 10824 should be replaced more frequently in areas with a large number of wet/dry cycles.


Material Ponderosa Pine
Diameter 1.3 cm (0.5 in.)
Length 52.6 cm (20.7 in.)
Weight 45 g (0.1 lb)