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Displaying 1 - 4 of 4 articles authored by: Bruce Smith

How to Test COM Ports and Short Haul Modems

Author Bruce Smith | Letzte Aktualisierung: 04/15/2021 | Kommentare: 2

how to test com ports and short haul modems

Has an electrical surge or other event made you concerned that your COM port or short haul modem may not be operating properly? Do you know how to test for this? In this brief article, we’ll look at some simple tests you can perform to... lesen Sie mehr

Evapotranspiration: What It Is and How It Is Helpful

Author Bruce Smith | Letzte Aktualisierung: 06/08/2017 | Kommentare: 3

evapotranspiration: what it is and how it is helpful

Have you ever heard someone mention "ET" and wondered what it meant? Assuming the person wasn’t talking about extra-terrestrials or Entertainment Tonight, the conversation was probably about evapotranspiration. Evapotranspiration (or "ET") is the water lost through plant transpiration and soil and plant evaporation. The images... lesen Sie mehr

8 ET Station Components that Need Regular Maintenance

Author Bruce Smith | Letzte Aktualisierung: 09/23/2015 | Kommentare: 0

8 et station components that need regular maintenance

Like most machines, automated weather stations require regular maintenance to provide you with better performance and longer life expectancy. A weather station designed to calculate evapotranspiration (ET) for commercial agriculture and irrigation scheduling has a number of components that require maintenance and calibration. Based on... lesen Sie mehr

How to Check the Accuracy of Your Solar Radiation Measurements

Author Bruce Smith | Letzte Aktualisierung: 05/29/2015 | Kommentare: 0

how to check the accuracy of your solar radiation measurements

Solar radiation is an important measurement for many researchers and those who are monitoring their evapotranspiration values for irrigation purposes. If you have been wondering how accurate your solar radiation measurement is, Apogee Instruments (an associated company of Campbell Scientific) has a Clear Sky Calculator mobile... lesen Sie mehr