CS705 Schnee-Aufsatz
Braucht keinen Strom
Schmilzt Schnee ohne Heizung
wetter wasser energie gas flux & turbulence bauwerke boden


Der CS705 ist ein Schneefall-Adapter, der eine Regenkippwaage mit 200mm Durchmesser ganzjährig verwendbar macht. Normalerweise wird er mit der TE525WS eingesetzt. 

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Funktionen und Vorteile

  • Schmilzt den Schnee ohne Heizung und vermeidet dadurch zusätzlichen Stromverbrauch
  • Erweitert den TE525WS zu einer Regen- und Schneekippwaage


CS705 with TE525WS precipitation gage and mounting pole (sold separately)
Exploded view of the CS705 showing all of its components
CS705 with TE525WS precipitation gage (sold separately)
CS705 with TE525WS precipitation gage, mounted to tripod (sold separately)
CS705 with TE525WS precipitation gage and mounting pole (sold separately)
Exploded view of mounting kit
Exploded view of CS705 with TE525WS precipitation gage (sold separately)

Technische Beschreibung

The CS705 consists of an antifreeze reservoir, overflow tube, and catch tube. Snow captured in the catch tube dissolves into the antifreeze. The melted snow raises the level of the antifreeze and water solution. The mixture flows through the over-flow tube into the tipping bucket where it is measured by the tipping bucket mechanism.

Measurement Delays

The CS705 possesses inherent delays and is not suitable for real-time precipitation measurements. The following factors contribute to the delays:

  • Temperatures of air and liquid in the reservoir
  • Surface tension in the overflow tube
  • Form of the precipitation

For rainfall at 25°C, a delay of minutes is expected after the gauge receives a minimum accumulation of ~0.03 inches. For snowfall, a delay of hours to tens of hours is expected. The longest delays should be expected for low density snows at very cold air temperatures. However, all precipitation falling into the catch tube eventually flows through the overflow tube and is measured by the tipping bucket rain gauge.


Recommended Antifreeze Type 1:1 mixture of propylene glycol and ethanol (PGE)

Campbell Scientific does not recommend using the antifreeze that is typically used in cars or RVs; refer to the Compatibility section for more information.
Material Powder-coated aluminum
Capacity 20.3 cm (8 in.) of liquid @ -20°C (assuming 1:0 starting ratio of antifreeze to water)
Antifreeze Reservoir Capacity 9.46 L (2.5 gal)
Antifreeze Reservoir Diameter 20.96 cm (8.25 in.)
Antifreeze Reservoir Height 35.6 cm (14 in.)
Catch Tube Orifice 20.3 cm (8 in.)
Catch Tube Height 25.4 cm (10 in.)
  • 2 kg (4.4 lb) without antifreeze
  • ~9 kg (20 lb) with antifreeze

Kompatibel mit

Tipping Bucket Rain Gages

The CS705’s specially shaped cylinder allows it to mount to the 8-in. orifice of the TE525WS Tipping Bucket Rain Gage. The CS705 cannot be directly used with the TE525, TE525MM, CS700, TB4, or TB4MM tipping bucket rain gages. Both the TE525 and TE525MM can be converted to a TE525WS by returning them to Campbell Scientific.


The CM270 Mounting Kit is included with each purchase of the CS705 Snowfall Adapter. The kit consists of a funnel, two band clamps, and mounting hardware. The funnel drains the antifreeze/precipitation mixture into a pail. One of the band clamps secures the top of the CS705 to a pole. The other band clamp attaches the funnel and the bottom of the rain gage to the pole.

A user-supplied pole or a CM300-series mounting pole may be used. The user must provide a pail and a hose with a 0.5 in. inner diameter. The hose must be long enough to span the distance from the funnel outlet to the pail.

FAQs für

Number of FAQs related to CS705: 5

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  1. Yes. In the Quickstart section of the instruction manual, Figure 4-1 and Figure 4-2 provide labeled images of the parts with their corresponding part numbers.

  2. Yes. Mixed rain and snow does not cause any issues for the CS705.

  3. The CS705 works with the TE525WS-L rain gage.

  4. The CS705 Tipping Bucket Snowfall Adapter cannot be used directly with the TE525-L or TE525MM-L because of the funnel size. To make the rain gages compatible, they can either be sent to Campbell Scientific to be converted to a TE525WS-L, or an 8 inch funnel can be installed. If the funnel is used, see the instruction manual for the appropriate multipliers, as they will change.

  5. Generally, the antifreeze is changed after 8 inches of liquid water have been added to the antifreeze/ethanol mixture.  Eight inches of water will dilute the antifreeze/ethanol mixture to the point where freezing will occur at -20 degrees Celsius.