How to check and change a sensor's SDI-12 address?

How to check and change a sensor’s SDI12 address 1- Connect an SDI-12 sensor to the CR1000X. 2- Open Device Configuration Utility. 3- Under Device Type, type the datalogger’s model and double click on the model type. ( The example below uses a CR1000X directly connected to the computer’s USB port) 4- Select the correct Communication Port and click Connect. 5- Click the Terminal tab. 6- Select All Caps Mode. 7- Press Enter until the datalogger responds with the datalogger (CR1000x>) prompt. 8- Type SDI12 and press Enter. 9- At the Select SDI12 Port prompt, type the number corresponding to the control port where the sensor is connected, and press Enter. In this example the sensor is connected to C3. The response Entering SDI12 Terminal indicates that the sensor is ready to accept SDI12 commands. CR1000X> CR1000x>SDI12 1: C1 2: C3 3: C5 4: C7 Select SDI12 Port: 2 10- To query the sensor for its current SDI-12 address, type ?! and press Enter. The sensor responds with its SDI-12 address. If no Characters are typed within 60 seconds, the mode is exited. IN that case, simply type SDI12 again, press Enter, and type the correct control port number when promoted. ?! 0 11- To change the SDI-12 address, type aAb!, where a is the current address from the previous step and b is the new address. Press Enter. The sensor changes its address and responds with the new address. In the following example, the sensor address is changed from 0 to B. SDI12 SDI12>0AB!B 12- To exit SDI-12 transparent mode, click Close Terminal.

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