Can a sensor cable be replaced?

Many times, but not always, a sensor’s cable can be replaced with a new cable. This is helpful if the original cable was damaged or if its length needs to be changed.

If the cable is attached to the sensor using a connector, Campbell Scientific will sell a replacement cable. For example, a 05106CBL-L is a replacement cable for a 05106-L. Replacement cables are listed in the “Replacement Parts” section of the Ordering information area of the product page.

If the cable is attached to a sensor through a user-accessible terminal block, a raw cable can be purchased to replace it. For example, to replace the cable on a 05103-L Wind Monitor, order the desired length of pn 972124 AWG 3 Twisted Pair Shielded Santoprene Cable. As another example, the raw cable for a TE525-L Rain Gage is pn 966122 AWG 1 Twisted Pair Shielded Santoprene Cable.

If the cable is an integral part of the sensor, the cable cannot be user replaced, and the sensor must be returned to Campbell Scientific. Some examples of sensors that fall into this category include the 107-L, 109SS-L, 229-L, CS547A-L, and CS650-L. For the process of returning equipment to Campbell Scientific, refer to the Repair and Calibration page.

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