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connection layout - program of a young 05305V and CR6 datalogger

maurixio Jan 31, 2019 06:15 AM


Anyone has a similar program to connect an anemometer which has a 12V output wire (colored white) and three 5V cables to connect to the ports (and reference and ground cables as well).

Anyone has any idea to connect this equipment?


ZooKeeper Jan 31, 2019 08:30 AM

Looking at the 05305V manual the program should look something like this if using single ended voltage measurements. This wind monitor has two voltage ouputs, one for wind speed (0 - 50m/s) and one for wind direction (0 - 360°).

'05305V with wind speed output signal of 50mV per M/S and maximum wind speed of 50M/S

VoltSe (WindSpeed,1,mV5000,U1,True,0,60,0.02,0)

'05305V with wind direction output signal of 13.9mV per degree and maximum wind direction of 360 degrees

VoltSe (WindDirection,1,mV5000,U2,True,0,60,.07194,0)

The associated wiring would be:

+PWR = CR6 +12


WD = CR6 U2

WS = CR6 U1

REF WS = CR6 gnd

smile Jan 31, 2019 08:54 AM


this is the manual:


I do not think the CS version exists

I would do this:
White -> sw12 always programmed ON, compared to 12V offers protection, if available.
Black -> G
Red -> speed; a single-wire channel U 0..5000mV
Green -> direction; another single-channel U-channel 0..5000mV
Brown -> analog ground of the U channels
Earth groung -> the metal parts connected to the ground via the grounding bolt


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