In early August, during a Europe-wide heatwave, a Campbell Scientific weather station located in Contrada Monasteri, Italy, recorded what is believed to be the highest temperature ever recorded in Europe.

The temperature, recorded at 48.8oC (119.8oF), will require verification from the WMO (World Meteorological Organization) before being officially confirmed as Europe's highest recorded temperature. The previously recorded highest temperature in Europe stands at 48oC measured in Greece in 1977.

“Climate change and temperature increase has spurred a surge in reports of record weather and climate extremes, especially for heat. We have to make sure that these records are verified for the sake of scientific understanding and accuracy,” said WMO Weather and Climate Extremes rapporteur Prof. Randall Cerveny.

You can find out more about the verification process and the impacts of climate change on the WMO website here.

Climate researchers across the world rely on Campbell Scientific’s high accuracy instrumentation for their measurement needs. To find out more about the type of stations that measured this extreme temperature, visit the automatic weather station page or the environmental research page.

The weather station is part of a larger network in the area installed and maintained by one of Campbell Scientific's official integrators in the area, Ecosearch S.r.l., who have been working with Campbell Scientific for over 3 decades.

You can find out more about Ecosearch here.

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