The North Carolina State Center for Applied Aquatic Ecology has set up weather and water data collection platforms on the Neuse River and estuaries, between New Bern and Pamlico Sound. The platforms take water quality and/or meteorological readings every hour, and send the data up to the Internet for real-time information on the conditions out in the various areas on the Neuse River. Real-Time Data Monitoring (RTDM) software from Campbell Scientific is used to post the real-time data to the web.

Zusammenfassung Projekt


Network of water quality and meteorological stations


North Carolina, USA

Beteiligte Organisationen

North Carolina State Center for Applied Aquatic Ecology

Gemessene Parameter

Water temperature, water level, salinity, dissolved oxygen, redox, pH; wind speed, wind direction, barometric pressure, air temperature, relative humidity, rainfall

Angeschlossenen Geräte

Water samplers


Neuse Estuary Monitoring Project Site