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Includes 2 Installed Batteries and Charging Circuitry
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Order the sealed-rechargeable base to replace a damaged base or to retrofit a CR5000 that has a low-profile (no battery) base. The 10516 includes two 6-V, 7-Ahr sealed rechargeable batteries (installed) and charging circuitry.

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  1. Look for a stamp on top of the battery. The stamp should be in a date format of YYMMDDXX where:

    • YY is the year.
    • MM is the month.
    • DD is the day.
    • XX is the manufacturing plant.

    This indicates the age of the battery.

    To evaluate the condition of the battery:

    1. Charge the battery.
    2. Let the battery sit for a couple of hours.
    3. Measure the open circuit voltage to get an estimated indication of condition.

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