17579 Upward-Facing Mounting Kit for CS110 Site Correction Factor Determinations
Use a CS110 to Calibrate a Second CS110
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The 17579 Upward Facing Mounting Kit allows one CS110 to provide a site calibration for a second CS110. The kit consists of a metallic plate and bracket. The assembly is placed over the top of a small lined hole that accepts the body of the separately purchased CS110 (see photograph above). When positioned, the CS110's shutter faces upward, allowing measurement of the real-time electric field. Those results are compared to simultaneous values obtained from a second downward-facing CS110 and a linear regression is performed. This allows the downward-facing CS110 to be site-calibrated (i.e., have its reading corrected for site conditions such as mounting hardware and distance to ground level).

The CS110 is not included in this kit and must be purchased separately.