The Mantua monitoring and control system consists of four monitoring sites and a base station. Monitoring occurs at two water tanks, a vault, and a pump house. The system uses CR510 and CR10X dataloggers for measurement and control. Measured parameters include pressure and water level. A weather station at one site also measures rainfall, wind speed and direction, and temperature.

The system calls designated people using a voice modem to report any communication failures, sensor failures, intrusion incidents, and other problems. Narrow-band Freewave radios are used for communication between monitoring sites and the base station. All monitoring sites can be viewed and controlled from the base station.

Zusammenfassung Projekt


Monitoring the infrastructure of a public water supply system


Mantua, UT, USA

Beteiligte Organisationen

Town of Mantua

Gemessene Parameter

Water level, water pressure, precipitation, wind speed, wind direction, temperature