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New CR1000X Datalogger

The CR1000X Measurement and Control Datalogger provides an embedded, browser-based user interface for quick and easy data and system interrogation...

(2:26) Uploaded: 8/3/2017

Datalogger Programming

Start your datalogger program with Short Cut. Programs generated by Short Cut can be edited and enhanced in the CRBasic...

Uploaded: 8/3/2017

CR300 Series Wi-Fi QuickStart

Quickly set up Wi-Fi communications with a CR300-series datalogger. This tutorial will get you started with examples to either create...

Uploaded: 2/3/2017

EZSetup Ethernet Connection

Use the EZSetup wizard to set up IP communication between the computer and datalogger.

(2:02) Uploaded: 1/10/2017

Datalogger Ethernet Configuration

Use the Device Configuration Utility to enter the datalogger static IP Address, Subnet Mask, and IP Gateway address. (A static...

(2:54) Uploaded: 1/10/2017

Connect Window Tutorial

LoggerNet Connect gives you a dashboard view of what's happening with each datalogger in your network. PC400 and PC200W have...

Uploaded: 8/26/2016

Connect - Station Status

The Status Table contains information on the condition of your datalogger. Select the Station Status to quickly see: the operating...

(2:23) Uploaded: 8/25/2016

Connect - Settings Editor

Your datalogger contains many settings to configure the communication options for your network. Generally it is best practice to view...

(1:24) Uploaded: 8/25/2016

Connect Overview

In this video we take a look at some features of the LoggerNet Connect window: connected and disconnected states; pausing...

(2:32) Uploaded: 8/25/2016

CR6-WIFI Datalogger | Setting up a Network

Instructions for how to create a Wi-Fi network "right out of the box" or join an existing Wi-Fi network.

(7:43) Uploaded: 1/5/2016