EasyFlux PC Eddy-Covariance Post-Processing PC Software
Fully Corrected Fluxes
Datalogger program that computes fully corrected fluxes of CO2, latent heat, and sensible heat
wetter wasser energie gas flux and turbulence bauwerke boden


EasyFlux®-PC ist ein freies Computer Programm das High-Frequency  Daten aus einem Eddy-Kovarianzsystem von Campbell Scientific in Flüsse umrechnet. Dabei verwendet es Algorithmen, die von der Community anerkannt sind. Vollständig korrigierte Flüsse von CO2, latenter Wärmestrom (H2O, Verdunstung), fühlbarer Wärmestrom und Impuls werden ausgeben, in AmeriFlux, und GHG-Europe ASCII-Format und auch die Rohdaten.

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Funktionen und Vorteile

  • Intuitive and easy to use; begin processing data in under a minute
  • Uses community tested and reviewed, open source software
  • Supports native Campbell Scientific TOB1 file format collected from an open-path eddy-covariance system (IRGASON or EC150 with CSAT3)
  • Available at no charge


Technische Beschreibung

Provides fully corrected outputs of CO2 flux, latent heat flux, and sensible heat flux at a user-defined interval (e.g., 30 minutes). Also provides many other variables of atmospheric properties, instrument diagnostics, and intermediate corrections.

Default processing:

  • Despike and filter data using sonic anemometer and gas analyzer diagnostic codes, signal strengths, and measurements output range threshold
  • Apply coordinate rotation with an option to use the double rotation method (Tanner and Thurtell, 1969) or planar fit method (Wilczak et al., 2001)
  • Lag CO2 and H2O measurement against sonic wind measurement for maximization of CO2 and H2O flux (Horst and Lenschow, 2009; Foken et al., 2012)
  • Apply low-frequency correction following Moncrieff et al., 2004
  • Apply high-frequency corrections following Moncrieff et al. (1997), Massman (2000, 2001), or Horst (1997)
  • Correct sonic temperature for the effect of humidity following van Dijk et al., 2004
  • Apply correction for air density fluctuation using Webb et al., 1980
  • QA/QC data quality checks following Foken (2003)

Kompatibel mit

Required Equipment

  • CR6, CR3000, or CR1000 datalogger
  • IRGASON or EC150 with CSAT3A


EasyFlux PC v.1.0 (55.8 MB) 04-10-2017

EasyFlux® PC is a computer program that processes high frequency time series data, collected using a Campbell Scientific eddy-covariance flux system, into fluxes following community accepted practices.