EASYFLUXWEBH EasyFlux Web Software, Campbell Scientific-Hosted
Korrigierte Fluxe
Campbell Scientific Software, die korrigierte Fluxe von CO2, latenter und gefühlter Wärme und Impuls darstelllt
wetter wasser energie gas flux and turbulence bauwerke boden


EasyFlux® Web CSI-Hosted is a web-based software tool for monitoring any Campbell Scientific data-logger-based system. EasyFlux® Web CSI-Hosted is hosted on Campbell Scientific's own Microsoft Azure server, which allows for automatic updates and maintenance of the software. After users create an account, they are given their own IP address to allow them to easily connect to their data from an Internet-connected device. Monitoring a network of data loggers is made easy with real-time data monitoring, customizable alerts, and data download capabilities. EasyFlux® Web is compatible with all Campbell Scientific data-logger-based systems, including flux, weather, and soil stations.

Updates in Version 2.0

The updated EasyFlux® Web 2.0 includes new benefits and features to enhance the user experience. EasyFlux® Web 2.0 now provides the ability to monitor site camera photos, customize the user interface to display institution logos and information, import old data files, and upload site videos. Additionally, Easy Flux® Web 2.0 is equipped with enhanced administrative functions, and has the ability to be viewed in different languages.

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Funktionen und Vorteile

  • Custom alerts with email notification
  • Monitor flux instruments and energy-balance sensors to plan site visits more effectively
  • Quickly reference metadata for each station
  • Remotely download data
  • Map view of all stations in network with quick view of critical data and alerts available on PC, tablet, or smartphone device
  • Flexible product offering with ability to purchase a local copy or a subscription cloud-based plan
  • Administrator choices on read/write abilities of users
  • Field camera integration
  • Import old data files
  • Translation Utility to view EasyFlux® Web in language of choice
  • Fully compatible with EasyFlux® DL series
  • Automatic software updates
  • No install required


EasyFlux<sup>®</sup> Web map
EasyFlux<sup>®</sup> Web station info

Technische Beschreibung

EasyFlux® Web is a web-based multi-user software system used for monitoring Internet-connected Campbell Scientific eddy-covariance stations. EasyFlux® Web functions with a Campbell Scientific data logger running the EasyFlux® DL program.

After adding your stations, you can graphically monitor data including QA/QC values, download data, compare data between stations, and set up alerts to notify you by email of data values outside of user-entered thresholds.

An administrator can set up user accounts and control the permissions of each user.

There are two installation options for EasyFlux® Web:

  1. EasyFlux® Web Campbell Scientific, Inc.-Hosted: Campbell Scientific can install the software and automatically update it for you in an Azure-based environment, as well as provide you with a link to access the software.

  2. EasyFlux® Web Self-Hosted: You can install the software directly on your server. When installing the software on your server, the installation process will also install SQL Server Express. EasyFlux® Web is then accessed by typing the IP address of the server into a web browser.