What size of CompactFlash cards can be used with a CFM100 or NL115?

The CF card size is not limited by the CFM100 or the NL115 hardware. Rather, the size is limited by the data logger’s operating system (OS). The data logger’s OS works with both FAT16 and FAT32. The maximum size of any given file on a CF card is set by the FAT16 limit of 2 GB. The CardOut() instruction can create one file per data table with a maximum size of 2 GB. For all practical purposes and applications, the CF card size is then limited to 2 GB.

The TableFile() instruction can be used such that one data table can create multiple files on a CF card. Again, the maximum size of any given file is 2 GB. However, because multiple files can be generated by the same data table, the files can be made smaller. The size of the files is controlled either by time or number of records. The TableFile() instruction and Option 64 can be used to create files in the same format as the CardOut() instruction, mainly TOB3. In theory, the data logger, in conjunction with the TableFile() instruction, can use a CF card that is approximately 140 TB in size. Campbell Scientific has tested and carries a 16 GB CF card. Campbell Scientific does not recommend using larger cards.

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