HYDRO-WIPER-C OBS-3+ Battery-Powered Mechanical Wiper


The HYDRO-WIPER-C is a common accessory for the OBS-3+ probe. This battery-powered wiper helps ensure accurate measurements by preventing algae and other fouling from covering the OBS-3+ lens. The HYDRO-WIPER-C includes an integrated timer for turning the wiper on and off. Cable length is 1 m (3 ft).



Clock Accuracy ±1 minute per year (0° to 40°C)
Power Supply Six alkaline AA batteries
Power Consumption
  • 0.02 mA (quiescent)
  • ~80 mA (active)
Deployment Endurance Wipe interval dependent. In excess of 4 months with a 2 hour wipe interval
Construction Stainless steel, acetal
Wiper Shaft Multiple bearing support with quad ring seal
Cable EPDM jacketed cable between the wiper and battery housing
Depth Rating 30 m (98.425 ft)

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