HYDRO-WIPER-D OBS-3+ Datalogger-Controlled Wiper, 5 m (16 ft) Cable


The HYDRO-WIPER-D is a common accessory for the OBS-3+ Turbidity sensor. This datalogger-controlled wiper can be activated to remove algae and other fouling before each measurement. The HYDRO-WIPER-D uses the datalogger's power supply and has a 5-m cable.



Control Input The wiper control module has an internal 10 k pull-down resistor. The control line needs to be set high to +5 volts for a minimum of 10 ms to initiate a wipe.
Power Supply 8 to 15 Vdc
Power Consumption
  • Typically 90 mA during a wipe. If the wiper arm is jammed, power consumption can momentarily rise to about 500 mA.
  • 0.05 mA (between wipes)
Construction Stainless steel, acetal
Wiper Shaft Multiple bearing support with quad ring seal
Cable EPDM jacketed cable
Depth Rating 30 m (98.425 ft)


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