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LOGAN, UTAH — In a 2016 acquisition, Campbell Scientific and Coastal Environmental Systems came together as one company. During decades of independent operation, each has proven their commitment to a common set of principles that include:

  • Providing long-term client satisfaction and value with solutions that stand the test of time, coupled with excellent support after the sale
  • Producing rugged products that are built to operate in the harshest environments and when the stakes are high
  • Maintaining flexibility to satisfy the unique needs of individual clients

On the foundation of these shared principles and after years of close partnership, Campbell Scientific and Coastal Environmental Systems are uniting to deliver greater value to more clients around the world.

Coastal Environmental Systems

Since its creation in 1981, Coastal Environmental Systems has built a strong organization that supplies weather data in mission-critical applications, such as aviation weather, hazardous materials, transportation, and military. Because of its commitment to safety via environmental observations, Coastal is trusted by professionals in aviation, military, and emergency response.

Coastal is adept at implementing large, complex projects that include custom system and software design, installation, and operation according to detailed client specifications. Coastal developed the popular WEATHERPAK® series of compact, rugged, portable weather stations. Today, its equipment is used in over 1,200 installations worldwide.

Campbell Scientific

Campbell Scientific was founded in 1974 by brothers Eric and Evan Campbell. Together, they developed a space averaging laser anemometer for the U.S. Army, followed by the CR5 Digital Recorder—the first digital data logger capable of operating in an unattended field environment.

Since then, Campbell Scientific has manufactured over three hundred thousand data loggers. The brand is recognized for quality and capability in a wide range of environmental and infrastructure communities. Through an ecosystem of sensors, data loggers, communication devices, and software, Campbell Scientific has built a strong network of global partners to offer complete data acquisition systems for various applications.

Today, Campbell Scientific operates an extensive manufacturing facility with custom system design and assembly. The production team operates alongside our engineers, allowing us to carefully control quality.

A New Firm

After years of close partnership, complementing one another’s strengths, we are pleased to announce that Coastal Environmental Systems and Campbell Scientific are now commonly known as Campbell Scientific, located at a single headquarters in Logan, Utah, USA. Operations will be housed under the Campbell Scientific brand as a combination of Coastal’s extensive mission-critical applications and Campbell’s environmental and infrastructural monitoring.

Campbell Scientific’s engineering and manufacturing capabilities are now fully integrated with Coastal Environmental’s project delivery competency. Our combined network of global partners, installed base, and clients is now larger and stronger than ever. The WEATHERPAK® weather station series has been fully integrated with Campbell Scientific’s broad ecosystem of environmental measurement products, giving us more tools to deliver long-term value to our clients.

Our common foundational principles and complementary strengths brought us together. With a stronger team, we are excited to be able to offer greater long-term value to our clients than ever before and we remain fully committed to all our clients, including those we served before our firms combined.

For more information, visit our web page.

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