Hydro-Link (Zip File) 2.02
Aktualisiert: 15-04-2021

  1. (New Feature) German version is now available.
  2. (New Feature) Added Every 15th, 20th, 24th, 30th, and 60th for possible "Included Values" (decimation) selections in GOES configuration.
  3. (Minor) Upgraded to CR3xx OS v10.04.
  4. (Minor) The Configuration screen isn't accessible in the PC version when the station's configuration file was created by a different language version of HydroLink
  5. (Minor) Fixed the PC version to collect Data in TOB1 and XML file format as well as TOA5.
  6. (Minor) Fixed the Hourly Window Alarm - the alarm was previously not triggering properly between the hourly start time and hourly stop time.
  7. (Minor) The TX325 interface is disabled if it was previously used but not currently in use.
  8. (Minor) Any PPP configuration used previously by an external cell modem is removed when initializing GOES or Iridium communications.
  9. (Minor) Improved SDI-12 address uniqueness checking.
  10. (Minor) Improved message reporting for PakBus encryption login errors.
  11. (Minor) Clarify that the datalogger clock synchronization triggered from the dashboard happens only once per trigger execution.