This product is no longer available. Some accessories, replacement parts, or services may still be available.
SC532A CS I/O Peripheral to RS-232 Interface
Services Available
Repair Yes
Calibration Yes
Free Support Yes


Das SC532A Interface ermöglicht Kommunikation zwischen PC und einem Peripheriegerät von Campbell Scientific mit 9-Pin Port. Es wird gebraucht, um Programme und Daten auf ein Speichermodul zu schieben, ein neues OS auf ein SM4M/SM16M zu schieben, um den (vorherigen) Argostransmitter zu programmieren, um die Einstellungen im COM200/COM210 zu ändern oder mit einem MD9 Netzwerk zu kommunizieren. 

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Funktionen und Vorteile

  • Ermöglicht Kommunikation zwischen einem PC und einem Campbell 9-Pin Peripheriegerät
  • Versorgt das Gerät mit Strom und konvertiert die logic levels zu RS232


Technische Beschreibung

The SC532A is required to:

  • Connect a PC to the RF500M Radio Modem’s CS I/O port instead of its RS-232 port.
  • Change the COM200-series phone modem’s settings
  • Communicate with an MD9 network
  • Transfer programs and data to a SM4M/SM16M storage module (retired)

The SC532A replaced our SC532.


RS-232 Output Levels ±10 Vdc ±1 Vdc
Maximum Output Impedance 1100 Ω
RS-232 Input Levels
  • ±30 V (maximum)
  • ≤ 0.8 V (low threshold)
  • ≥ 3.5 V (high threshold)
Input Impedance 3000 Ω
9-pin Inputs
  • Low ≤ 1 V
  • High ≥ 3.5 V
9-pin Outputs
  • Low ≤ 0.5 V
  • High ≥ 3.5 V
Quiescent Current Drain
  • 5 mA (typical)
  • 10 mA (maximum)
Dimensions 11.9 x 4.3 x 2.3 cm (4.7 x 1.7 x 0.9 in.)
Weight 567 g (1.3 lb) with ac wall charger

Input Voltage (to POWER jack)

5 V Peripherals 6 to 17 Vdc
12 V Peripherals 12 to 17 Vdc

Output Voltages

On PERIPHERAL Connector Pin 1 5 Vdc ±0.075 Vdc
On PERIPHERAL Connector Pin 8 6 to 17 Vdc, depending on ac adapter used (12 Vdc unregulated using factory AC adapter)

Power Available

5 V Peripherals
  • 5 Vdc @ 120 mA maximum at 25°C (derate 12 mA for each AC adapter)
  • Voltage above 9 Vdc (derated 1 mA for each degree Celsius above 25°C)
12 V Peripherals Factory-provided AC adapter supplies an unregulated 12 Vdc @ 1 A.

Kompatibel mit

Power Considerations

The SC532A is typically powered by the 15966 Wall Charger; access to 120 Vac is required. Campbell Scientific offers the 14020 and 14291 field cables for remote sites lacking 120 Vac. The 15966 Wall Charger, 14020 Field Cable, and 14291 Field Cable are ordered separately as Common Accessories (see Ordering Info).


An SC12 cable and a 10873 DB9-to-DB9 serial cable are provided with the SC532A. The SC12 cable is for connecting a peripheral to the interface, and the 10873 cable is for connecting the interface to a computer 9-pin serial port. Alternately, the longer SC12R-6 cable can be used for peripheral connections. Computers with only a 25-pin serial port require a DB9-to- DB25 serial cable such as the 7026.