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CS250DM PT-1000 Klasse A, präziser Lufttemperatur-Sensor mit digitaler Modbus RS-485 Ausgabe
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Der CS250DM ist PT-1000 Klasse-A Lufttemperatursensor z.B. zur Messung von für Temperaturgradienten und zur Stabilitätsanalyse. Dieser Sensor liefert besonders genaue Temperaturwerte, die für Solar Monitoring nach IEC 61724 Class-A und Delta Temperatur (ΔT) Berechnungen gebraucht werden. Datenausgabe erfolgt über Modbus RS-485, daher sind die Daten auch über lange Kabel gut abzurufen.

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Funktionen und Vorteile

  • Sehr genau und präzise
  • Übertrifft IEC 61724-1 Standards für Lufttemperaturmessungen
  • Übertrifft EPA Standards for ΔT Messungen
  • Digital Modbus RS-485 Ausgabe ermöglicht Datenqualität auch bei langen Kabeln
  • Beste Rauschunterdrückung und Isolierung nach IEC Klasse 4
  • NIST-Kalibrierung mit Zertifikat inklusive bei jedem Sensor


CS250DM sensor
CS250DM sensor
CS250DM sensor
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Technische Beschreibung

The CS250DM uses a precision Pt-1000 Class A platinum resistor thermometer (PRT) to provide the highest level of accuracy. The cable includes a Campbell Scientific precision analog-to-digital, smart-sensor module for making the measurements. The module design is optimized for the class A PRT that minimizes self-heating and lead-wire resistance. Measurement electronics are surge protected with 1200 V isolation and environmentally protected with a rugged overmolding with an IP65 rating.

When exposed to sunlight, the CS250DM should be housed in the RAD06 6-plate radiation shield.


Measurement Uncertainty ±0.3°C
Element Stem Material 316L stainless steel sheathed
Surge Protection 1200 V isolation
Supply Voltage 5 to 30 Vdc
Power Draw 15 mA
Temperature Coefficient TCR = 3850 ppm/K
Stem Diameter 0.32 cm (0.125 in.)
Overall Stem Length 6.35 cm (2.5 in>0
Sensor Dimensions 17.15 x 11.13 x 6.05 cm (6.75 x 4.38 x 2.38 in.)
Sensor Weight 90.7 g (0.2 lb)

Sensing Element

Precision 1000 ohm Class A platinum (Pt 1000)
Accuracy ±(0.15 + 0.002T)°C
Long-Term Stability Maximum Ro drift = 0.04% after 1000 hours at 400°C
Measurement Temperature Range –75° to +250°C
Time Constant 15 seconds in 5 m/s wind


Protocol Modbus RTU protocol (over RS-485)
Format 8 data bits, 1 stop bit, even parity as default (user-configurable)
Baud Rate 19,200 bps as default (user-configurable)
Modbus ID Last two digits of serial number as default (user-configurable)

Cable (Sensor Head to DM Board)

Wire Size and Type 24 AWG (7/32,RT38) copper
Insulation Type PFA insulated (Teflon®)
Insulation Rating –75° to +250°C
Sheath Thin PFA sheathed overall
Number of Cores 3
Physical Properties Good abrasion and moisture resistance
Overall Diameter 2.1 mm (0.08 in.)

Cable (DM Board to PT)

Wire Size and Type 24 AWG (7/32) tinned copper
Insulation Type PVC
UL AWM 10012 1000V 105°C
Filler Fibrillated polypropylene as required for uniform round construction
Drain 24 AWG (7/32) tinned copper (cabled, touching foil)
Shield Aluminum/Mylar (100% coverage, 25% minimum overlap, foil facing in)
Nominal Wire Diameter 0.61 mm (0.024 in.)

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CS250DM Example Program v.1 (1 KB) 07-12-2020

The example CR6 program measures four CS250DM sensors, averages the four temperature measurements, and calculates the standard deviation of the four sensors.

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