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MeteoPV OS 2.03 (1.36 MB) 06-04-2021

Current MeteoPV Operating System. mehr erfahren

ET107 Default Programs (4 KB) 29-03-2021

One default program is for an ET107 with the 034B wind sensor and another default program is for... mehr erfahren

PC400 4.7 (150 MB) 23-03-2021

PC400 is Campbell Scientific's free entry-level data logger support software. This versatile software supports a variety of telecommunication... mehr erfahren

CR300 Series OS 10.04 (4.30 MB) 18-03-2021

This download is for the CR300 series of dataloggers including all CR300 and CR310 models. Execution of this download... mehr erfahren

LoggerNet Patch 4.7 (343 MB) 16-03-2021

This patch will upgrade LoggerNet, LoggerNet Remote or LoggerNet Admin version 4.0 and newer to 4.7. A version... mehr erfahren

A software utility used to download operating systems and set up Campbell Scientific hardware. Also will update PakBus... mehr erfahren

LoggerNet Trial 4.7 (351 MB) 16-03-2021

This is a fully functional 30 day trial of the standard version of LoggerNet. Current LoggerNet users: It is... mehr erfahren

Short Cut 4.4 (29.3 MB) 16-03-2021

Short Cut creates simple programs for our CR200-series, CR300-series, CR510, CR500, CR10(X), 21X, CR23X, CR6, CR800, CR1000(X), CR3000,... mehr erfahren

CS140-OS Release 10 10 (53 kB) 09-03-2021

Release Note for Operating System OS10 for the Campbell Scientific CS140 Background Luminance Sensor Campbell Scientific has introduced a... mehr erfahren

CR6 OS 11.00 (7.56 MB) 03-03-2021

This download is for the CR6 datalogger. Execution of this download places the Operating System file(.obj) on your computer.... mehr erfahren