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CSAT3B OS 3 (548 KB) 02-07-2018

Current CSAT3B Operating System. mehr erfahren

CR300 Series OS 7.04 (5.32 MB) 02-07-2018

This download is for the CR300 series of dataloggers including all CR300 and CR310 models. Execution of this... mehr erfahren

CR1000X OS 2.00 (4.81 MB) 27-06-2018

This is the current release of the CR1000X OS. Included in this executable is the CR1000X OS and... mehr erfahren

CR6 OS 8.00 (6.87 MB) 27-06-2018

(WARNING) If updating the dataloggers operating system from a version prior to 7.0, the user will need to... mehr erfahren

Short Cut 4.0 Update 1 (24.7 MB) 19-06-2018

Short Cut creates simple programs for our CR200-series, CR300-series, CR510, CR500, CR10(X), 21X, CR23X, CR6, CR800, CR1000(X), CR3000,... mehr erfahren

CCFC Firmware 2.6 (10.5 MB) 04-06-2018

Latest firmware for the CCFC Field Camera - version 2.6 mehr erfahren

CR6 Wifi OS Update 4.00.01 (3.05 MB) 30-05-2018

CR6 Wi-Fi OS update to resolve the KRACK (Key Reinstallation AttaCK) Wi-Fi vulnerability. This download includes the OS and the... mehr erfahren

CRS OS 2 () 28-05-2018

Current CRS541, CRS456, CRS451V and CRS456V Operating System. mehr erfahren

EC100 OS 8.01 (561 KB) 07-05-2018

EC100 Operating System. Watch the Video Tutorial: Updating the EC100 Operating System. mehr erfahren

Hydro-Link (Zip File) 1.1 (62.7 MB) 04-05-2018

Hydro-Link is a browser-based user interface that can be run from a PC or directly from the datalogger.... mehr erfahren