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CR1000X program measures the CNR4 and controls the CNF4 heater/ventilator based on environmental conditions, and monitors the CNF4... mehr erfahren

CR3000 program measures the Pt-100 sensor for the body temperature of the CNR4. This program requires four differential... mehr erfahren

CR1000X program that uses differential terminals to measure the four radiation outputs and one excitation terminal and one... mehr erfahren

CR3000, CR1000, or CR800-series data logger program for the TX325 that sets up self-timed and random transmissions and... mehr erfahren

A GRANITE 10 example program using CAN-bus to query an ECU for the legislated PID values once a... mehr erfahren

CCFC Firmware 2.7.2 (10.7 MB) 15-10-2019

Latest firmware for the CCFC Field Camera - version 2.7.2 mehr erfahren

EC100 OS 8.02 (560 KB) 14-10-2019

EC100 Operating System. Watch the Video Tutorial: Updating the EC100 Operating System. mehr erfahren

MeteoPV OS 2.0 (1.28 MB) 14-10-2019

Current MeteoPV Operating System. mehr erfahren

CSAT3B OS 3.02 (548 KB) 14-10-2019

Current CSAT3B Operating System. mehr erfahren

CR6 Wifi OS Update 5.0 (3.07 MB) 14-10-2019

CR6 Wi-Fi OS update. This download includes the OS and the update procedure. NOTE: The CR6-WIFI.05.iobj was tested with... mehr erfahren