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Version: 8.00
File Size: 6.87 MB
Updated: 27-06-2018

(WARNING) If updating the dataloggers operating system from a version prior to 7.0, the user will need to install updated USB drivers for the CR6. The new drivers are available in Device Configuration Utility version 2.16 (or greater) which is available on the Campbell Scientific website.

Execution of this download installs the Operating Systems for the CR6 and all integrated communication options to your computer. It also updates the CRBasic Editor compiler and support files. The Device Configuration Utility is used to upload the Operating Systems to the CR6.

Note: Upgrading the Operating System will reset all the CR6’s settings back to the factory defaults.  Sending this OS remotely is not recommended.  To restore settings after the update, it is recommended that a backup be made of the current logger settings or take programmatic measures to ensure your settings can be restored. This can be done using the DevConfig backup utility or CRBasic instruction SetSetting.

Watch the Video Tutorial: Sending an OS to a Local Datalogger.

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