GPS Sensoren / GPS16-HVS
This product is no longer available. Some accessories, replacement parts, or services may still be available.
GPS16-HVS GPS Receiver
Services Available
Repair Yes
Calibration Yes
Free Support Yes


The GPS16-HVS sensor, manufactured by Garmin, consisted of a receiver and an integrated GPS antenna. It received signals from Global Positioning System (GPS) satellites, and then used the signals to calculate its position and velocity. That data, plus an extremely accurate real-time reading, could be transferred to the datalogger for display or storage over time.



  • Weight: 12 oz. (32 g)
  • Diameter: 3.4" (8.6 cm)
  • Height: 1.7" (4.2 cm)
  • Operating Temperature Range: -30° to +80°C

Kompatibel mit

Please note: The following shows notable compatibility information. It is not a comprehensive list of all compatible products.


Product Compatible Note
CR200X (retired)
CR216X (retired)
CR5000 (retired)

Additional Compatibility Information

Datalogger Considerations

Datalogger interface options
  • A 17217 RJ45 Interface Cable to connect the sensor to a datalogger control port. This option is compatible with our CR10(X), CR800, CR850, CR1000, CR3000, and CR23X dataloggers.
  • A 17218 Adapter and 18663 Null Modem Cable to connect the sensor to the datalogger RS-232 port. This option is compatible with our CR23X, CR800, CR850, CR1000, and CR3000 dataloggers.
  • A 17218 Adapter to measure the sensor via an SDM-SIO4 Serial Input/Output Module. This option is compatible with our CR800, CR850, CR10X, CR1000, CR3000, CR23X, CR5000, and CR9000(X) dataloggers; it is the only option that is compatible with the CR5000 and CR9000(X) dataloggers.
GPS instruction

Our CR800, CR850, CR1000, and CR3000 dataloggers typically use the GPS instruction to read the GPS sensor. For the GPS instruction to "set the time" or "use the pulse from the GPS sensor", some dataloggers need an updated clock chip. The clock chip is factory replaced (requires an RMA). Dataloggers with the following serial numbers need an updated chip:

Datalogger Serial Number
CR1000M < 20409
CR800, CR850 < 792
CR3000 < 3168