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LOGGERNETADM/U Upgrade auf die aktuelle Version


Mit dem LoggerNet Admin Upgrade kann eine Lizenz von LoggerNet oder LoggerNet Admin auf die neueste Version von LoggerNet Admin aktualisiert werden.

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Funktionen und Vorteile

  • Upgrade von einer älteren Version auf die aktuelle für einen reduzierten Preis


Technische Beschreibung

LoggerNetAdmin/U upgrades one copy of LoggerNet 1.2 (version specific) or LoggerNet Admin 3.2 or greater to LoggerNetAdmin version 4.2.1.

New for Version 4

  • New look and feel, with more user-configurable options to fit your working style
  • View Pro—new, robust display toolthat gives you more ways to look at your data
  • Network Planner—new tool that allows development, modeling, and verification of PakBus networks
  • RTMC upgraded—featuring functions added for building expressions, a new layout toolbar, and more maneuverability around the displays. (Note that versions 1.x through 2.x of our RTMC Pro development tool are not compatible with the RTMC run-time and the standard RTMC development tool in LoggerNet 4. An upgrade for RTMC Pro must be purchased separately.)


Current Version 4.5
Operating System Windows 10, 8, or 7 (Both 32- and 64-bit operating systems are supported.)

Kompatibel mit

Please note: The following shows notable compatibility information. It is not a comprehensive list of all compatible products.


Product Compatible Note
CR200X (retired)
CR216X (retired)
CR5000 (retired)


Product Compatible Note

Additional Compatibility Information


LoggerNet Admin runs on a PC, using serial ports, telephony drivers, and Ethernet hardware to communicate with data loggers via phone modems, RF devices, and other peripherals.


The development tool of RTMC Pro 1.x and 2.x is not compatible with the RTMC run-time and the standard RTMC development tool in LoggerNet Admin 4. An upgrade for RTMC Pro must be purchased separately.


LoggerNet Admin is a collection of 32-bit programs designed to run on Intel-based computers running Microsoft Windows operating systems. The recommended minimum computer configuration for running LoggerNet Admin is Windows 7. LoggerNet Admin also runs on Windows 8 and Windows 10. LoggerNet Admin runs on both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of these operating systems.


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  1. To upgrade from LoggerNet to LoggerNet Admin, the correct upgrade path is to order the LoggerNet Admin Upgrade (LOGGERNETADM/U), which allows one copy of LoggerNet or LoggerNet Admin to be upgraded to the current version of LoggerNet Admin.

  2. The LoggerNet revision history information can be found through the “Software and OS Revision Histories” web page. Revision history information is available for LoggerNet patches and upgrades, as well as for the trial versions of the software.

  3. The blog article "How to Navigate the World of Software Upgrades, Patches, and Trials" explains the difference between patches (free of charge) and upgrades (for a fee). This example quickly shows the difference between an upgrade and a patch:

    Upgrade Patch

    Major version change, such as 1.3 to 2.0

    Minor version change, such as 1.3 to 1.4

    Typically requires purchase for a fee

    Free of charge

  4. LOGGERNETADM/U (LoggerNet Admin Upgrade) can be purchased to upgrade one copy of LoggerNet or LoggerNet Admin to the current version of LoggerNet Admin. Although installing a copy of LoggerNet Remote on the same machine as LoggerNet will result in a LoggerNet Admin installation with all of its features, Campbell Scientific does not recommend this process because installing different versions of LoggerNet and LoggerNet Remote can result in inconsistent behavior of the software.

    LOGGERNETADM/U is a little more expensive, but it is more convenient, especially if the need arises to move the installation to a different computer.

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