PC400 4.2
Aktualisiert: 07-10-2013

  1. Known Issues - When using LogTool to zip all log files and certain file errors occur, the operation may still be reported as successful. For example, If LoggerNet is running as a service and an attempt is made zip all log files and store them in the root directory of a mapped network drive, a failure will probably occur as the service cannot access mapped drives but the operation is reported as successful.
  2. PC400 Enhancements - Added ability to use MD9 connection with a PakBus datalogger.
  3. PC400 Enhancements - Added PakBus Encryption Key setting to the CR1000/CR3000/CR800 Series.
  4. PC400 Enhancements - Added the ability to view a file from File Control.
  5. PC400 Bug Fix - Changed Max Time On-Line maximum to 23 h 59 m 59 s.
  6. PC400 Bug Fix - Changed default Beacon Interval to 0.
  7. PC400 Bug Fix - Time zone offset is now applied when finish is clicked as well as when the user sets the clock.
  8. PC400 Bug Fix - Trying to send an OS to a 2 Meg CR1000 now gives the correct error message.
  9. PC400 Bug Fix - Removed the Time of Fill column from the Station Status because the information was not always correct.
  10. PC400 Bug Fix - Fixed a bug when dealing with very large records.
  11. Short Cut Enhancement - Added a cache of the sensor files to speed loading.
  12. Short Cut Enhancement - Added Datalogger Step that combines the datalogger selection, scan rate selection, and CR9000X card selection.
  13. Short Cut Enhancement - When adding a sensor, if more than one of the selected sensor can be added, the choice of how many sensors to add is included as part of the sensor’s form rather than as a separate dialog box
  14. Short Cut Enhancement - When adding more than one sensor, a dialog box is available that allows you to input unique values for certain calibration and/or conversion factors (e.g., multiplier, offset, gage factor) for each sensor being measured.
  15. Short Cut Enhancement - Each sensor form now includes a wiring tab that shows the wiring for the sensor. This tab allows you to manually change the wiring location, if desired.
  16. Short Cut Enhancement - For some sensors that require an excitation voltage, the sensor form now includes parameters that allow you to calculate Sensors per Excitation Channel. (Exciting more than one sensor with an excitation channel is helpful when the sensors to be measured outnumber the available excitation channels.)
  17. Short Cut Enhancement - Added an SC115 checkbox to the Outputs screen to copy data to an SC115.
  18. Short Cut Enhancement - Added new or updated sensor files for the 27106T Wind Speed Sensor, the CS525 ISFET pH Probe, the CS650/655 Water Content Reflectometer, the CS506 Fuel Moisture Sensor, the NR-LITE2 Net Radiometer, the CNR4 Net Radiometer, a Quarter Bridge Strain Gage, Half Bridge Strain Gage, Full Bridge Strain Gage, the Geokon 4000/4050 Vibrating Wire Strain Gage, the Geokon 4100 Series Vibrating Wire Strain Gage, the Geokon 4420 Vibrating Wire Crackmeter, the Geokon 4500 Series Vibrating Wire Piezometer, Geo-Instruments Electrolevel Tiltmeter, VTI ECI-1 Embedded Corrosion Instrument, Modbus Master, Modbus Slave, BS-3+/OBS300 Turbidity Sensor, HC2S3 Temperature and Relative Humidity Sensor, OBS500 Smart Turbidity Meter (SDI-12), Device for Analog Input from SDM-AO4A, 52202 Rain Gauge (CSI), CMP3/CMP6/CMP11 Pyranometer, CS526/CS525 ISFET pH Probe, 020C Wind Direction Sensor, A100LK Wind Speed Sensor, 092 Barometric Pressure Sensor, 61302V Barometric Pressure Sensor, P2546A Wind Speed Sensor, 110PV Surface Temperature Probe, and a Wind Vane Installation Offset Correction (calculation)
  19. Short Cut Enhancement - Enhanced readability of Wiring Text.
  20. Short Cut Enhancement - Selected Sensors are now shown in a tree format and branches can be expanded or collapsed as needed.
  21. Short Cut Bug Fix - Fixed an issue where toggling the advanced outputs was not configuring the flags correctly.
  22. Short Cut Bug Fix - Fixed an issue where Short Cut would crash if the user attempted to delete a sensor that referenced a custom sensor file that no longer existed.
  23. Short Cut Bug Fix - Creating custom sensor files for multiplexers is no longer allowed.
  24. Short Cut Bug Fix - Fixed some translation issues.
  25. Short Cut Bug Fix - Fixed some issues in wiring diagram where wires were not being shown.
  26. Short Cut Bug Fix - Fixed an issue where a *4 attribute in a CR10X program caused and access violation.
  27. Short Cut Bug Fix - Fixed a problem where if you created a program for a CR10XTD/CR10XPB that utilized high res to final storage you would get three FSL field labels for that output instead of one.
  28. Short Cut Bug Fix - Fixed a problem where generating a CR10X program that used an AM25T would give an error when "differential voltages" was selected for the output type.
  29. CRBasic Editor Enhancement - Added a new feature, Conditional Compile and Save to the Compile menu. This item compiles the program and creates a new file in which all conditional compile constructs (e.g. #if statements) are gone.
  30. CRBasic Editor Enhancement - Added a Constants Customization feature.
  31. CRBasic Editor Enhancement - The CRBasic Editor now allows you to Save and Open Display Settings. Display settings affect the look and feel of the CRBasic Editor. This includes font and background, as well as syntax highlighting.
  32. CRBasic Editor Enhancement - Added Unicode support.
  33. CRBasic Editor Enhancement - To support Unicode, an Insert Symbol dialog box has been added to the CRBasic Editor. This allows you to insert Unicode symbols into your CRBasic program for use in Strings and Units declarations.
  34. CRBasic Editor Enhancement - Added the Shift+Insert hotkey to perform the paste function.
  35. CRBasic Editor Bug Fix - Fixed an error when attempting to compile a program when the previous program was saved in a folder that no longer exists.
  36. CRBasic Editor Bug Fix - Fixed an access violation that occurred when clicking the red x in the Confirm dialog box. It is to be noted that the access violation only happened if the cursor was on a blank line.
  37. CRBasic Editor Bug Fix - Fixed a problem when attempting to replace the baud rate parameter in the SerialOpen command, by using right-click to choose from the variable list. Rather than replacing the previous baud rate, it inserted a second baud rate.
  38. CRBasic Editor Bug Fix - Fixed a bug where the Undo/Redo could be very slow (up to 6 seconds for one redo) for very large files.
  39. CRBasic Editor Bug Fix - Fixed so that when a line is selected and you scroll down or up it will scroll nicely at the extremes of top and bottom.
  40. CRBasic Editor Bug Fix - Fixed a problem with deleting templates.
  41. CRBasic Editor Bug Fix - Fixed a problem where the insert key was not toggling between insert and overwrite.
  42. CRBasic Editor Bug Fix - Made the editor's screen position and window size persistent even in a dual monitor environment.
  43. CRBasic Editor Bug Fix - Files opened with a double click will now cause the editor to open in the last window size used by the editor.
  44. CRBasic Editor Bug Fix - Cursor doesn't go to end of line when enter is pressed splitting a line
  45. CRBasic Editor Bug Fix - Fixed a problem where the Save As dialog appended an extra extension when you replaced the default extension with .dld.
  46. CRBasic Editor Bug Fix - Fixed a problem during a switch from the find dialog to the replace dialog, the state was confused and it did not see the search word had changed.
  47. CRBasic Editor Bug Fix - With the Find dialog box open, you can now use the Paste functionality to paste into the program.
  48. CRBasic Editor Bug Fix - Fixed an issue where the cursor was sometimes misplaced after an F10 variable insert/replace.
  49. CRBasic Editor Bug Fix - Fixed an issue where an extra set of parenthesis was added when using the F10 (Replace Variable) feature to replace an array variable.
  50. View Enhancement - Added ability to import CSV files.
  51. View Enhancement - Added a search function to the main grid accessible using ctrl-f, or Edit/Find.
  52. View Enhancement - Added the record view dialog to address the requirements for displaying a status table record. The record view dialog will work for any CSI file type displayed in a grid.
  53. View Enhancement - Added cancel button to Selection Properties for line graph selections. Also added cancel buttons to the Graph Options screen. This change will change back the on-screen live changes.
  54. View Enhancement - Extensively revised the print preview code so only one page preview is shown at a time. Also redid the print code. Print Preview will no longer "count pages". Switching from portrait to landscape or back now happens instantaneously without showing a dialog.
  55. View Enhancement - Added two decimal places to the selection data on the graph.
  56. View Enhancement - Changed page up/page down functionality to match Excel rather than open office calc.
  57. View Enhancement - Bool8 is now supported for TOB(X) data files
  58. View Bug Fix - Fixed a problem with the view grid mouse state missing the mouse up event allowing the data grid to scroll with the mouse when the mouse pointer is off of the application.
  59. View Bug Fix - Trying to copy data from an empty column no longer causes an access violation
  60. View Bug Fix - Fixed a problem where the last record was missing in the graph when an entire column was graphed
  61. View Bug Fix - Fixed a problem where the number of points displayed in a line graph was one less than the number reported.
  62. View Bug Fix - Fixed an unzoom/unpan issue that put the Y axis on a line graph in custom axis mode.
  63. View Bug Fix - When scrolling in the graph the data grid view no longer scrolls when there is less than a page of data
  64. View Bug Fix - Changed the file parser to be more tolerant of extra lines at the end of a file.
  65. View Bug Fix - Opening an empty DAT file from the data collection results dialog will no longer lock view from opening subsequent files.
  66. View Bug Fix - TOA5 files with no time stamp or record number will now open.
  67. View Bug Fix - Fixed a binary file parsing issue where the record size for some files was being calculated incorrectly, resulting in erroneous offsets.
  68. View Bug Fix - Fixed an issue where the y-axis didn't clear after removing a selection that was graphed using record numbers on the x-axis.
  69. View Bug Fix - Closing View after viewing a binary file as text will now work.
  70. View Bug Fix - Fixed panning then clearing line graph access violation.
  71. View Bug Fix - Fixed time stamp comparison code that wasn't precise enough for some files.
  72. View Bug Fix - View ill no longer fail to terminate a string when a null value was encountered. Non-string data in strings will no longer show up when null values are contained therein.
  73. View Bug Fix - Boolean values will now show as -1 and 0 rather than true and false.
  74. Split Enhancement - Added 'qq' to format string. Acts like hh except gives 24 at midnight.
  75. Split Enhancement - Added two more custom date format strings TOA5 and 24TOA5. The former produces a TOA5 formatted timestamp. The latter does the same except with midnight set to 24:00:00.
  76. Split Enhancement - Unicode support added.
  77. Split Enhancement - Enhanced -time offset crossing year boundary. So on first day of the year, a negative offset can back up to previous year.
  78. Split Bug Fix - Fixed HourArray and dayofyear format strings so that they work properly when a time offset is used. Also these fields were not properly quoted when Date vs Edate was used. Fixing this may break existing .PAR files. These (and the "Serial" format string) are intended to be used as the entire format string e.g. edate("dayofyear";4;3;2).
  79. CardConvert Enhancement - Added 2400 hours at midnight support.
  80. CardConvert Enhancement - Added Unicode support.
  81. CardConvert Bug Fix - Fixed some issues with TOB1 files that grow over 4 Gb.
  82. CardConvert Bug Fix - Fixed 'headers do not match' error displays.
  83. PakBus Graph Enhancement - Added support for IPv6 addresses.
  84. PakBus Graph Enhancement - Added Unicode support.
  85. PakBus Graph Bug Fix - Fixed a bug where settings editor sub-panels were getting deleted twice if the settings were reloaded.
  86. LogTool Enhancement - When the LogTool is running remotely and zip all log files is selected, files are now zipped up to a specific file on the server's machine, and then transferred to the client's machine to the location that the user selected.
  87. LogTool Enhancement - When retrieving a zipped file from a remote server, the percentage of the file retrieved so far is now displayed.
  88. LogTool Bug Fix - Delete Log Files and Zip Log Files are now only enabled if security level is Full Administrator.
  89. LogTool Bug Fix - Fixed an issue where you could not Save/Copy/Print the text of a Low Level Log window after its internal buffer had been "filled".
  90. Device Configuration Utility Enhancement - Added support for the NL200, CC5MPX, CDM-VW300 Series, TX312/TX320, NL240, AL200, CRS450 Series, SC-CPI, OBS500, EC120.
  91. Device Configuration Utility Enhancement - Added ability for some devices to be configured over the network (using IP).
  92. Device Configuration Utility Enhancement - The device type can now be categorized. This is controlled from the Options menu.
  93. Device Configuration Utility Enhancement - Added an optional button to the Logger Control panel that will allow the user to retrieve the currently running program from any datalogger that supports retrieval (CR1000, CR3000, CR8xx, CR10X-XX, CR23X-XX, CR510-XX, CR5000, and CR9032).
  94. Device Configuration Utility Enhancement - Added new settings for the CR1000, CR3000, and CR800 to configure the NL240 bridged network stack
  95. Device Configuration Utility Enhancement - Added code to the datalogger passwd file editor dialogue that will allow the file, when written to the datalogger, to optionally be marked as hidden on the datalogger. This has been done in order to avoid having the file read by the web or FTP server since doing so could assist in breaking the datalogger security.
  96. Device Configuration Utility Enhancement - Added support for a Bluetooth serial port.
  97. Device Configuration Utility Enhancement - Enabled the SDI-12 option for the CWB100.
  98. Device Configuration Utility Enhancement - Increased the length limit on the "PPP User Name" component of the "PPP Configuration" setting for the CR1000, CR3000, and CR8xx from 31 to 63 characters.
  99. Device Configuration Utility Enhancement - Added ability to copy from help/description area. Also added copy and paste support to terminal.
  100. Device Configuration Utility Enhancement - Changed the file selection controls in the browse configuration summaries dialogue so that a directory picker is used in conjunction with a list box that shows the possible files in the chosen directory. The directory picker has a browse button that brings up a standard directory browse dialogue.
  101. Device Configuration Utility Enhancement - Added options for 300 fixed for the baud rate settings for the COM1-COM4 devices for the CR1000, CR800, and CR3000 dataloggers.
  102. Device Configuration Utility Enhancement - Added IPv6 support.
  103. Device Configuration Utility Enhancement - Added a file control panel for PakBus dataloggers that support file systems.
  104. Device Configuration Utility Enhancement - Added support for a new setting, PakBus Encryption Key for the CR1000, CR3000, and CR8xx device types.
  105. Device Configuration Utility Enhancement - Added Unicode support.
  106. Device Configuration Utility Enhancement - Added store log files to the Options menu. The default value is off and when this is off, only minimal logging occurs. When this is on, normal logging occurs (including logging the PakBus password).
  107. Device Configuration Utility Enhancement - Added support for new functionality in the CWS900 implemented with version 2 of the CWS900 operating system.
  108. Device Configuration Utility Bug Fix - Changed the code that compares formatted setting values in the configuration summary comparison dialogue so that the comparison is performed in a case-sensitive fashion.
  109. Device Configuration Utility Bug Fix - Increased the maximum security code (when connecting) from 65535 to 99999.
  110. Device Configuration Utility Bug Fix - Changed the behavior of the "Edit .csipasswd File" button in the deployment panel for the CR1000, CR800, and CR3000 so that the value of the hide check box is preserved in the application configuration and restored when the dialog is created afresh.
  111. Device Configuration Utility Bug Fix - Fixed a bug where a *.a43 pattern was used to search for SDM-SIO1 instead of *.hex
  112. Device Configuration Utility Bug Fix - Fixed copy and paste.
  113. Device Configuration Utility Bug Fix - Fixed a bug with the PakBus routes setting where the port number was not large enough to handle all of the values that the datalogger could use.
  114. Device Configuration Utility Bug Fix - Now correctly report the European variant of the serial number.
  115. Server Enhancement - Changed the behavior of the BMP5 file control command so that, if the original command specified that the data should be left in the datalogger tables, the server will preserve the data in its own cache table as well. This should provide a means to change the program without losing data from the cache.
  116. Server Enhancement - Changed the parent/child configuration rules to allow a PakBusPortHD device type to be added as a child to an MD9 Passive device type.
  117. Server Enhancement - Added IPv6 support.
  118. Server Enhancement - Changed the code that parses table names, column names, unit strings, and process strings for BMP3 and BMP5 dataloggers so that these strings are assumed to be encoded as utf-8 rather than using the local code page. If these strings fail to convert as UTF-8, the local code page will be used to convert the strings to Unicode.
  119. Server Enhancement - Added a timer to delay the automatic retrieval of table definitions by fifteen seconds
  120. Server Enhancement - Added support for the new option for the server to send the "extended" version of the data broker data advise start acknowledgement message. This extended version allows whole arrays to be described with one entry instead of an entry for each array element. This is to support increased efficiency when dealing with large data records.
  121. Server Enhancement - Added support for PakBus Encryption (AES-128).
  122. Server Enhancement - Changed the device file enumeration transaction so that it can send a longFileSize attribute as well as a fileSize attribute. This change was made to support large (> 2 GB) file system capacities on the datalogger.
  123. Server Enhancement - Added a code in the device file control transaction implementation to deal with the new compile, pause, and mark tables as full control option that is available for the CR1000 and cousins. This is a mechanism to allow recovery of data that has been lost on the datalogger after a power loss (the user forgot to set the run on power up bit) or after the user inadvertently sent a program to the datalogger.
  124. Server Enhancement - Changed the BMP5 get compile results and get table definitions transactions to alter the compile results with a warning if there is a program running but there is no power up program running
  125. Server Enhancement - Changed functions and classes that deal with file names and directory names so that they assume the use of Unicode encoding.
  126. Server Enhancement - Extended the time that the PakBus/TCP Server will wait on a new connection before hanging it up from five seconds to forty seconds. Also added code so that this device will broadcast a hello request on new connections if no activity has occurred within five seconds of the initial connection.
  127. Server Enhancement - Added a transaction log message that gets posted each time that the next time to poll gets calculated.
  128. Server Bug Fix - Added code for the BMP1 table poll operation that will prevent the server from sending a hole collection command to the datalogger that is larger than the logger can handle. (This was already being done for the hole collection operation but was not for the table polling version.)
  129. Server Bug Fix - Fixed a bug that could crash the server when multiple set value commands were queued for a mixed-array datalogger while the datalogger was in an off-line state. This could set up the conditions where an infinite recursion took place until the program stack was exhausted and the server crashed.
  130. Server Bug Fix - Modified the code in the cache manager thread that adds records for a table so that older records will be eliminated if a set of records is larger than the size of the cache table. Failure to do this could result in inconsistent information for table blocks because too few records were "released".
  131. Server Bug Fix - Fixed a bug that could crash the server if it was trying to open the link on a TCP serial port and the address look-up failed for the specified address.
  132. Server Bug Fix - Fixed a bug where, if an exception was thrown when an incoming TCP messaging connection was handled, that exception would wind up crashing the LoggerNet server.
  133. Server Bug Fix - Added code to handle the case when a communication error is reported by another operation in order to ensure that the logger lock was released.
  134. Server Bug Fix - Added code to ensure that any reports associated with a device are removed when that device gets shut down. Failure to do this could lead to a crash if the device was deleted after being shut down
  135. Server Bug Fix - Fixed a bug in the shut down code where the device was removed from the network map structure before its shutdown() method was called. On some networks, this could lead the server to throw an unhandled exception when it was being shut down.