PC400 1.4
Aktualisiert: 13-07-2006

  1. New Functionality and changes: Support for the CR800 datalogger.
  2. New Backup/Restore options for saving a copy of the network map, and restoring from that copy if needed.
  3. Improvements to the Ports and Flags window for all datalogger types.
  4. Can now type in a COM port number in EZSetup, if it is not displayed in the list of available ports.
  5. CRBasic editor allows printing select pages.
  6. Added "library file" support to CRBasic editor.
  7. Added scroll bar to message window for CRBasic Editor.
  8. Support for new instructions in the CR1000, CR3000, CR9000X, and CR5000 datalogger operating systems was added to the CRBasic Editor.
  9. CardConvert: Added ability to store processed files in uniform sized packets based on time.
  10. CardConvert now supports a file naming scheme based on timestamp of data.
  11. CardConvert: Improved user interface.
  12. CardConvert: New CSV custom file format added. This new format stores the data to a comma separated format that can be customized.
  13. Resolved issues: When custom labels were entered for Ports/Flags dialog, these labels were not maintained when the dialog was closed.
  14. Transformer could only open CRBasic once per session.
  15. Multiple changes made to Spanish language files.
  16. With a certain series of keystrokes, the CRBasic Editor would return an error when Save was pressed.
  17. DevConfig would return an "unhandled exception" error when trying to connect to a storage module.
  18. CardConvert output file directory no longer defaults to card.
  19. CardConvert: Creating a new output directory off of the root directory sometimes created the directory in the wrong place.
  20. Resolved a Range Check error in Split when using a Starting Offset and the Date function.
  21. Fixed a problem with Split's WDQS(n) function when wind direction was 360 degrees or greater.
  22. A change was made to the algorithm used for checking/setting clocks. The change improves the synchronization of clocks over slower communication links.