PC400 1.2
Aktualisiert: 07-02-2005

  1. Various improvements have been incorporated into the communications engine, especially to support the new CR1000 datalogger.
  2. Fixed a minor bug in the communications engine that prevented it from collecting tables from CR5000 or CR9032 dataloggers that contained boolean variables.
  3. Used a different sequence for closing sockets and threads during shutdown by clients, including EZSetup and LogTool to make it more robust when used with certain third party antivirus software.
  4. Made it possible to use regional settings with alternative separator characters (e.g., commas for decimal separators and periods for thousands separators), particularly noticeable in the Connect Screen's Numeric Monitor.
  5. Improved the performance of the CRBasic Editor when using the keyboard cursor keys to scroll left-right or up-down. This was very noticeable on slow PCs (~350 MHz).
  6. File Control: The properties button has been removed. A delete button has been added. The user can now pause and resume a program.