PC400 4.4
Aktualisiert: 29-04-2016

  1. PC400 Enhancement - Added support for CR300 Series dataloggers.
  2. PC400 Enhancement - Added the ability to configure the number of rows and columns in the Monitor Data tab.
  3. PC400 Enhancement - Upgraded file viewer from View to View Pro.
  4. PC400 Enhancement - Added the "Install USB Driver..." button to the EZSetup Wizard. This button now opens the new Install USB Driver dialog which uses the list of drivers available to install from DevConfig giving the user the ability to select and install a driver from the Setup Screen.
  5. Short Cut Enhancement - Added support for the CR300 Series dataloggers, CDM-A108, and CDM-A116.
  6. Short Cut Enhancement - Added new or updated sensor files for 05108-45 Wind Speed & Direction Sensor, CS512 Dissolved Oxygen Probe (a CSL version, there was already a CSI version), LI190R Quantum Sensor, LI200R Pyranometer, LI200RX Pyranometer, WXT520 Weather Transmitter, Sunshine Hours (for CRBasic dataloggers, Edlog dataloggers already had it).
  7. CRBasic Editor Enhancement - Added support for the CR300.
  8. CRBasic Editor Enhancement - Added ability to display line numbers.
  9. CRBasic Editor Enhancement - Added a new start page that by default is displayed when the CRBasic Editor is opened.
  10. CRBasic Editor Enhancement - Added support for the -u precompiler command line option which checks for unused variables and subroutines.
  11. CRBasic Editor Enhancement - Made some changes that allow a DLD file to be automatically associated with a datalogger extension on open. CRBasic determines the datalogger extension based on the "meta" information found on the first line of the program.
  12. CRBasic Editor Enhancement - Added a checkbox in the Font selection dialog that allows the user to filter monospaced fonts.
  13. CRBasic Editor Bug Fix - Fixed a problem where an instruction on the same line as an if statement would not work properly with the right click menu to edit instruction.
  14. CRBasic Editor Bug Fix - Fixed a bug so that opening files with bookmarks does not 'modify' the program and thus prompt for a save if nothing else is changed.
  15. CRBasic Editor Bug Fix - Added code that allows us to force an insert instead of an overwrite in certain cases (e.g., the tab key is pressed in overwrite mode). This behavior is consistent with other mainstream editors.
  16. CRBasic Editor Bug Fix - Fixed an issue where an Undo would not restore characters that had been overwritten.
  17. CRBasic Editor Bug Fix - Limited menu item captions of functions/subroutines to 120 characters.
  18. CRBasic Editor Bug Fix - Reworked Find/Replace/Replace All code to solve problems with "match whole word only".
  19. CRBasic Editor Bug Fix - Fixed some Replace Variable (F10) and picklist issues that affected single and multi-line instructions.
  20. Device Configuration Utility Enhancement - Added support for the CR300, A100, RF451, CR6-WIFI, CR6-RF451, RF407, SDM-SIO1A, SDM-SIO4A, SoilProf3, TX321, and CDM-A100 Series.
  21. Device Configuration Utility Enhancement - Changed the settings editor panel so that a search control is used to help locate settings rather than the combo box previously used.
  22. Device Configuration Utility Enhancement - Changed the datalogger restore wizard by adding a page that will allow the user to select the files that will be restored.
  23. Device Configuration Utility Enhancement - Added a search control immediately above the device types list. This control will allow the user to restrict the devices shown to those whose description matches a subset of what the user typed.
  24. Device Configuration Utility Enhancement - Added support for a fixed 76800 baud rate on all CR1000, CR8xx, CR3000, and CR6 serial ports.
  25. Device Configuration Utility Bug Fix - Fixed a bug in the serial number view for the CD295 where the apply button had no effect because of the code that checked for needing to commit did not recognize when the serial number had changed.
  26. Server Bug Fix - Fixed a problem in the base class for classic datalogger commands where, if the command failed because of an invalid echo and the server immediately started on another command (say an failed "F" command followed by a "G" command), there server would make no attempt to resynchronize the link with the datalogger. This would end up sending the characters for the subsequent command as if they were a part of the preceding command.
  27. Server Bug Fix - Fixed a bug in the interpretation of the classic logger ports byte reported through the K command where the code was using a multiply operator rather than a mask operator when picking out the value for the fourth port. The result of this error was that the fourth port would be reported high if any other port was high.
  28. Server Bug Fix - Fixed a bug, introduced in LN 4.3, where retries were no longer enabled for the classic datalogger position modem pointer (G) command.
  29. Server Bug Fix - Added code in the BMP5 file synch operation to use a colon to separate the file spec from the drive when it is specified when requesting a directory from the datalogger. This addresses a problem where the datalogger was returning an empty file set when the drive and file name pattern were both specified.
  30. Server Bug Fix - Changed the BMP5 implementation of the hole collect operation so that, if the response sent by the datalogger is outside the range expected by the computer, all pending holes will be considered lost and no new holes will be added. Previously, the server was assuming that the entire table could be collected as hole and the end result was that the server could get stuck in a loop where the same records were being collected over and over.