PC400 4.4.2
Aktualisiert: 21-09-2016

  1. Short Cut Bug Fix - Fixed a problem for the CR300-series datalogger where 12V power ground was shown wired to a signal ground (the ground symbol) instead of a power ground (G) terminal. This could affect single-ended measurements, if current flowing on the return was large enough.
  2. Short Cut Bug Fix - Changed ground connection for several SDI-12 sensors to allow the signal wire to be moved.
  3. Short Cut Bug Fix - Fixed a problem where bridge strain measurements on multiplexers (for example, the AM16/32) had the excitation voltage set to zero.
  4. DevConfig Enhancement - Updated CR300 series support including the new CR310 with the various radio and WIFI versions for the CR300 and CR310.
  5. DevConfig Enhancement - Added additional radio options for the CR6.
  6. DevConfig Enhancement - Added SR50A OS download support.
  7. DevConfig Enhancement - Made numerous device setting changes, cosmetic improvements, and some new capabilities and optimizations.