PC400 1.3
Aktualisiert: 01-01-2006

  1. New functionality and changes: Added support for new CR3000 datalogger throughout the application.
  2. More flexible Ports and Flags dialog box in Connect Screen that now displays Boolean variables for dataloggers that support that variable type.
  3. Updated Status Table dialog box from Tools | Status Table for more statistics for datalogger and program tables. Added tab to show graphically when the datalogger will start overwriting final storage tables.
  4. Added alternative language support for main screens by downloading language files from Campbell Scientific web site (www.campbellsci.com/downloads).
  5. Short Cut 2.5.1: Added wizard-like user interface.
  6. Added support for new CR3000 datalogger.
  7. Added images for most sensors to help select the correct sensor.
  8. Support for additional colors on the wiring diagram (e.g., brown and orange).
  9. New sensor files: CS300 Apogee PYR-P Pyranometer and (for the CR2xx dataloggers only) the CS15 Current Transformer.
  10. User selectable print options (Results, Summary, Wiring Diagram, Wiring Text) added to the last step.
  11. Improved Advanced Outputs, including Ring and Fill and Stop table options, store Filemark when a flag is toggled by the user, option to set a flag high when a table becomes full, Data Event output option.
  12. Use control ports for tipping buckets, freeing up pulse ports for higher frequency measurements.
  13. Fixed a bug in Short Cut 2.5 that created illegal 21X programs when instructions used integration.
  14. CRBasic Editor 2.6: Added Back/Next buttons to parameter editing pop-up.
  15. New GoTo function and Bookmarks for navigating in larger programs.
  16. Faster repainting of the screen on very large programs.
  17. Now creates a binary (*.BIN) program file for sending to CR2xx dataloggers when compiling the program.
  18. Transformer 1.1: Support for converting CR23X mixed-array programs to CR3000 CRBasic programs.
  19. Support for converting CR510 mixed-array programs to CR1000 CRBasic programs.
  20. CardConvert 1.1: Added a "repair" option for corrupted TOB2 and TOB3 files from PC Cards or compact flash cards.