CR300 Series OS 9.02
Aktualisiert: 12-08-2019

  1. (Major) Improved the network registration process by adding a configuration reset process when the cell modem fails to register with the network.
  2. (Major) The CR3X0-CELL2XX no longer preforms a watchdog reset when the keep alive ping task runs.
  3. (Major) Fixed terminal lockup and file creation issues when using "CELL RADIO UPDATE" and "CELL RADIO UPDATE FILE" terminal command.
  4. (Minor) Fixed the optional timeout parameter in IPNetPower() for the cellular interface option.
  5. (Minor) When the TCPOpen() optional timeout parameter is not used, or left blank, it results in the default of 0.
  6. (Minor) The CR300 now allows ComC1_Rx/ComC2_Rx to be used in serial instruction if one of those same ports is used in GPS().