CR300 Series OS 10.04
Aktualisiert: 18-03-2021

  1. (Major) Fixed ConstTable() so it is visible in Table Monitor. In OS 10.03, the only way to access the ConstTable was using the Terminal.
  2. (Minor) Fixed routing Modbus RTU or TCP Modbus packets over a PakBus Network using DataGram().
  3. (Minor) The += operator no longer locks up the datalogger when using data types Long and String. Long += String() is not a legal operation and will return a value of 2147483647(&H7FFFFFFF).
  4. (Minor) SendData() to LoggerNet successfully completes the data transfer and each record number is accurate. In Operating system 10.03, the record number was always the same number (134231165).
  5. (Minor) Include() files are now compiled as expected by the CR300 CRBasic compiler.
  6. (Minor) Fixed reading Cellular settings when the PakBus Max Packet size is set lower than the default value.
  7. (Minor) Settings.CellEnabled returns the correct value for the cellular enable setting.