CR300 Series OS 10.01
Aktualisiert: 30-03-2020

  1. (Major) Charge output no longer sources excess voltage to battery terminal. Introduced in OS CR3XX.Std.10.00.obj the battery voltage could go as high as 16.3 Vdc when CHG input was greater than 16.3 Vdc.
  2. (Major) Added format option 0 to GOESTable() to allow for the pseudo-binary use of FP2 data. This change matches the data output that was available in format option 0 of GOESData() used in older Campbell Scientific GOES/METEOSAT radios.
  3. (Minor) Fixed an issue that caused incorrect PWM()pulse generation for periods between 250 and 330 milliseconds.
  4. (Minor) fixed an issue with GetRecord() when passing a variable into the RecsBack parameter and the optional format parameter is being used.