CR300 Series OS 10.03
Aktualisiert: 28-10-2020

  1. (New Feature) Added optional parameter to the PingIP() instruction to specify IP version.
  2. (Major) Updated SMSSend() to handle arrays. Warning - This update changed how SMSSend() was implemented in the operating system. Upgrading to this OS will also require the CRBasic programs running old instances of SMSSend() to be updated.
  3. (Major) The streaming options in HTTPPost() now are supported.
  4. (Major) Improved how the GOES functions in the CR300 series interact with Hydro-Link.
  5. (Major) The first GOES self-timed transmission now transmits when expected.
  6. (Minor) For GOES Table output, the “/” placeholder character now works as expected when using decimation.
  7. (Minor) For GOES Table output containing historical values (Number of Values > 1) and using decimation, the most recent readings are now included.
  8. (Minor) GOES Table format option 3, ASCII Comma separated, now includes the trailing comma after the end of each line.
  9. (Minor) Encryption() with option 0 now returns the correct length of the original input.
  10. (Minor) Updated terminal to allow "Serial Talk Through" on PPP enabled ports. PPP will temporarily be paused.
  11. (Minor) TOA5 formats in TableFile() now include quotes when outputting "NAN" for FP2 Datatype.
  12. (Minor) Replace() now performs boundary checks correctly on strings larger than 24 bytes.
  13. (Minor) Watchdog counter now can be reset from the status table.
  14. (Minor) Updated SerialOut() to prevent a rare hard fault condition.
  15. (Minor) FTPClient() no longer waits until a new record is recorded before sending data when using values less than 0 in the NumRecs/TimeIntointerval and Interval parameters.