CR300 Series OS 2
Aktualisiert: 02-09-2016

  1. (CRITICAL) Upgrading the Operating System will reset all the CR300’s settings back to factory defaults. Sending this Operating System remotely is not recommended. To restore settings after the update, it is recommended that a backup be made of the current logger settings or take programmatic measures to ensure your settings can be restored. This can be done using Device Configuration Utility’s (DevConfig) backup utility or the CRBasic instruction SetSetting(). Watch the Video Tutorial: sending an OS to a Local Datalogger.
  2. (WARNING) The only TCP/IP instructions supported are DNP3, ModBus TCP/IP, PakBus TCP/IP, PPP, NetworkTimeProtocol(), TCPOpen(), and TCPClose(). Other TCP/IP instructions exist, but are in beta. Use at your own risk.
  3. Modified the operating system so that negative baud rates will now generate a compile error. The CR300 datalogger does not have the ability to do Autobaud.
  4. Fixed a low-level AC compile error that displayed the wrong port number.
  5. Fixed a resource lockup on OS restart.
  6. CheckSum() instruction is now included.
  7. AVW200() Therm50_60Hz parameter updated. 0 = No Thermistor Measurement, 1 = 60Hz noise rejection, 2 = 50Hz noise rejection.
  8. NetworkTimeProtocol() fixed so that it can be both a client and a server.
  9. Fixed the TXDelay parameter of SerialOpen().
  10. Fixed an issue converting doubles to strings.
  11. ArrayLength() in a subroutine is now working.
  12. Float to double conversion is now working.
  13. Fixed an issue when using SDI-12 to collect more than 10 data values. D1 command fixed.
  14. Fix FTP server to not send the 220 ready until the stack call back function is completed; for example, when updating the advertised remote window size.
  15. Fixed a compile issue that allowed the compiler to use an invalid pipeline mode.
  16. Fixed an issue when using TABLE.TableFull().
  17. Fixed an issue that caused TABLE.Output() to fail.
  18. Fixed an issue that caused pointers to fail in CRBasic
  19. Fixed an issue that caused the "^"(pwr) to fail.
  20. Removed 300 baud rate option. Minimum supported baud rate is 1200.
  21. PPP disconnect success is now recognized by the logger.
  22. HTTPPost() header parameter can be a variable.
  23. Fixed an issue that caused ArrayLength() to fail when using doubles.
  24. Fixed an issue where CRBasic Table.TableFull() failed to return true.
  25. Enabled IPV6 PPP support.
  26. PPP is now closed prior to a restart.
  27. BrFull() using RevDiff option is now working.
  28. Fixed an issue that could cause an aborted IP connection to watchdog the datalogger.
  29. Fixed an issue where FTP failed to download XML files and the XML file size was set to 0.
  30. SerialOpen() will now keep the datalogger awake for all formats not equal to 0. SerialClose() will allow datalogger to sleep.
  31. SerialFlush() will now clear the DMA.
  32. SerialOpen() format parameter of 4 will keep the logger awake.
  33. Fixed an issue that caused FTP file send to fail when sending ASCII files.
  34. Fixed an FTP server endianness issue that caused a "501 invalid PORT command" error.
  35. TTL logic format options removed from SerialOpen().
  36. Fixed a recompile issue that caused the USB to stop communicating.
  37. Websocket calls will now trigger a status table update.
  38. Status fields CalGainXXX16 updated to CalGainXXX34 for 34mV range.
  39. Fixed a lockup when using the NTP server.
  40. Fixed endian issues with the NTP server.
  41. Fixed an issue that could cause a lockup when retrieving the file list (PakBus).
  42. Fixed an issue that caused only a partial list of files to be returned (PakBus).
  43. Fixed a Websockets failure when using FireFox and IE.
  44. Added constants for CR1000X and CR9 data loggers.
  45. Updated PPP to be faster at detecting a loss of connectivity.
  46. Fixed a possible memory leak when COM1 is uninitialized.
  47. Added memory checking to XMLParse() instruction.
  48. Fixed an issue that caused XMLParse() instruction to corrupt memory.
  49. XMLParse() instruction updated to handle cases where there is whitespace within namespace declarations.
  50. Fixed an issue that caused a "Max TLS connections" setting set too high to cause PakBus communication failures.
  51. Fixed an issue where invalid SDI-12 data could cause SDI-12 to temporarily stop receiving data.
  52. Removed the 24 hour no running program watchdog.
  53. Fixed an optimization issue that caused a "Could not find ..." compile error.
  54. Updated PPP info to display "IP Opened" when PPP is connected.
  55. IPTrace() trace instruction has been added.
  56. Updated FTP code to match CRX000 code.
  57. If a TLS certificate and key are found and "Max TLS Server Connections" is 0 the max TLS server connection will be set to 2.
  58. Fixed a task lockup issue with PPP.
  59. Updated compile to handle "Out of memory errors" without constant restarts.
  60. Updated OSVERSION constant.
  61. Updated memory allocation.
  62. Fixed an issue that caused SNMP to fail.
  63. Updated TLS memory allocation.
  64. Ethernet Network Addresses now shows all DNS servers.
  65. Updated compiler optimizations from low to medium.
  66. PWM() instruction added.
  67. Added terminal serial talk through to the terminal.
  68. Updated memory allocation for open files.
  69. Fixed and issue that caused TLS stack to cause a watchdog reset.
  70. Added terminal command to modify constant table.
  71. Adjusted memory allocation for task stacks.
  72. Updated memory allocation for COM1.
  73. Fixed a compile issue that caused an invalid “Webpage name must be a constant” error.
  74. USB com updated to fix error: "failed to set the comm state".
  75. Fixed an endianness issue with ModbusMaster() over TCP.
  76. Fixed an issue with ModbusMaster() start swath over TCP.
  77. Fixed an issue that caused an "Out of base memory error".
  78. Fixed and issue with DevConfig where the model number displayed was not always correct.
  79. Fixed Pakbus encryption.
  80. Fixed several issues relating to MODBUS over TCP.
  81. Fixed an issue that caused the default net to be set incorrectly.
  82. Updated terminal watch -> ip trace to not show CR300 prompt.
  83. Fixed an issue that caused an invalid function "declared but not used" warning.
  84. Fixed an issue that caused RS-232 and COM1 baud rate to revert to the baud rate setting and not the programmed baud rate.
  85. Fixed a buffer overrun error when collecting data with doubles.
  86. Fixed IP trace. IP trace only worked when using USB, RS-232 or COM1 to trace.
  87. Fixed a memory allocation issue with the IP Stack.
  88. Fixed an issue that caused partial PakBus packets to be ignored.
  89. Updated comms to handle continuous communications.
  90. Updated ET calculation to catch negative sinB night time values.
  91. FileManage() using attribute delete all (16) is now working.
  92. ExciteV() when using the delay parameter will now turn off excitation after the delay.
  93. Expanded Quadrature() instruction to now include Port parameters C1 and SE1.
  94. Hiding ".csipasswrd" file now works.
  95. Updated PakBus USB to respond more quickly to a beacon.
  96. Logger will now restart when IP address setting is modified. This was done so memory could be modified correctly and allow the setting to take effect. This functionality is similar to the way the other dataloggers behave.
  97. Fixed an issue that caused the RSo value in the ETo calculation to return NAN's at night.
  98. Fixed an issue that caused the USB to fail and not recover.
  99. Increased maximum number of open files to 20.
  100. Updated program file type checking to not allow ".CR3" files to compile.
  101. Updated random time function for Pakbus.
  102. Telnet terminal 'Q' will now close the telnet session.
  103. Added OSVERSION constant.
  104. Fixed the USB hop metric.
  105. CRBasic SetSetting() "FilesManager" is now working.
  106. Updated the hardware MAC filter setting to allow IPV6 packets.
  107. IP Trace added to terminal.
  108. Fixed an issue that caused PeriodAvg() to NAN when cycles equal 1.
  109. Low level Ethernet filtering added.
  110. Broadcast filter setting added.