CR300 Series OS 10.02
Aktualisiert: 04-05-2020

  1. (Known Issue) The instructions SMSSend() and SMSRecv() do not work in OS 10.02.
  2. (New Feature) Added the PortBridge() instruction, which can be used to configure a datalogger as an IP serial terminal server, or to bridge two or more serial or two or more IP ports.
  3. (Major) Fixed an issue that could cause high beacon rates when the PakBus Internet Beacon is set to 0. The high beacon rate could increase communication overhead and result in increased cellular data usage. Introduced in OS CR3XX.Std.10.00.obj.
  4. (Minor) Increased GOES buffer size limit.
  5. (Minor) Fixed a watchdog error generated by a memory check timer.
  6. (Minor) Terminal F command now displays settings list. In OS 10.01 this command generated unreadable characters in the terminal display.
  7. (Minor) Improved the boot-up process for programs that include SetSetting(). In rare instances settings not set via SetSettings() would revert back to factory defaults.